Our Purpose

REDOXIGEN creates new business models based on technology and software development, mainly through mobile technology. 

REDOXIGEN generates ideas to solve commercial and business needs.  From their inception to scaling and operation these business ideas are thought for global markets. 

Our Company

REDOXIGEN is a spin-off of Alcenit Corporation, an enterprise established in 2006 and with offices in the City of Knowledge since 2010. Alcenit provides technology services to assist customers in the development of software engineering processes and adopting them using international frameworks such as ISO 20000 / ITIL, CMMI, IDEAL, among others.

Our name derives from the chemical reaction “Redox" that generates and sustains life, “I” stands for innovation and “Gen”, for generation.

REDOXIGEN symbolizes the process of oxygenating an idea until it reaches a profitable business model. REDOXIGEN promotes both dynamic and social entrepreneurship. 


Our Vision

We have found out that 80% of the capabilities required to create a product or startup can be reused to create the next one. This insight is aligned with the industry’s understanding of a lean startup, which stresses that entrepreneurship is mostly management.

REDOXIGEN reuses the capabilities Alcenit Corporation has developed over 10 years, first as startup and then as an established company, in business models, marketing, marketing, engineering, finance, legal, and operations.

The business opportunity is in the transition of the business model of high-tech services and innovation strategies to an innovation business model innovation to generate digital solutions and born-global startups. 

This transition is possible and feasible, thanks to distinctive features: resident entrepreneurs team with high sense of commitment, enthusiasm and passion, investment partners who are serial entrepreneurs.