Our Approach

We carry out market research and digital technology prospecting to design efficient and iterative processes for product development, MVP’s (minimum viable product) experiments, and analysis of results for our evidence-based decision making.

How it Works

The innovation factory applies multiple processes of engineering innovation and learning cycles to produce digital solutions that in turn incorporate multiple products and services for the customers and end-users. 

Interfase – An augmented reality game that facilitates physical visitation to businesses through the use of mobile technology (cell phones). Interfase is currently in the market since November 23th, 2016

WiSy - Shop Wise & Easy - A personal shopping assistant, a semifinalist in the global competition of enterprises of science and technology GIST I-TECH sponsored by the U.S. Department of State in April 2016. WiSy obtained a government grant to scaling in 2017 over a period of 12 months.

Our Products

Our Services

Our digital products provide digital marketing, online sales, online catalog, review system and analytics, and customary system inventory, among others to active members. 

End users (buyers) have access to an organizing shopping list, personalized shopping preferences, community building, review options, and loyalty program awards program, among others.

Big Data on shopping preferences and trends is available.