Our Approach

We created Interfase as a platform to overcome logistic, financial and technological challenges in order to digitalize economies with low ICT development.

How it Works

Our highly scalable technology and business model allow for data collection anywhere in the world and for a wide range of industries. It does not require any implementation or technical knowledge from clients. It provides a wide coverage and detailed information down to the single customer profile and online-offline conversion rates.

Interfase is a tool that invites people to contribute with our mission to create a more inclusive world. Users create an alternative reality as an improved version of their current reality. 

INTERFASE Venn - App based on science-fiction story where players save the world economy by connecting businesses to an artificial intelligence called Venn. Interfase drives real visits to businesses by combining gamification, rewards program, and data analysis.

INTERFASE Events - a MVP version of an app for events where participants are encouraged to networking, attending activities, writing in fora and visiting stands, among others. 

INTERFASE City - a MVP version of an app intended for the concerned citizen who aims to improve his / her surrounding. It serves as vehicle to gather collective intelligence in one place and make it available to many. 

Our Products

Our Services

SaaS subscription to data service. Our apps also provide digital marketing, online sales, and a review system.