Our Approach

We created INTERFASE, a platform that overcome logistic, financial and technological challenges. Our technology is especially useful in economies with challenges in ICT development.

How it Works

Our highly scalable innovation and business model allow for data collection anywhere in the world and for a wide range of industries. It does not require any implementation or technical knowledge from clients. Users perform specific tasks at designated physical locations to obtain rewards throughout a customer journey from the digital to the real world.

INTERFASE Venn - App based on science-fiction story where players save the world economy by connecting real businesses to the digital world. Interfase Venn drives real visits to businesses by combining gamification, rewards program, and data analysis. So far, Venn contains metadata of over 42,000 business in Latin American. 

INTERFASE City - App intended for the concerned citizen who aims to improve his / her surrounding. It serves as vehicle to gather collective intelligence in one place and make it available to many, including government authorities and corporations to resolve urban incidents such as street potholes, broken sidewalks, and mosquito breeding places, among others. City enables the general public to follow up the resolution of those issues visible in an on-line digital map. 

Our Products

Our Services

SaaS subscription, digital marketing, online sales, loyalty programs, and review systems.