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Min Chen

Chief Everything Officer (CEO)

Min is a multicultural entrepreneur, software engineer and active volunteer. As the Chief Everything Officer (CEO), Min is responsible for setting the vision, overseeing its implementation and everything else to get things done. She holds a Master Degree from Carnegie Mellon University in Software Engineering and is the CEO and founder of Alcenit, a successful technology consulting company in Panama that in 2016 celebrated its 10th year.

On a personal level, Min enjoys learning and experiencing new things. Besides being a photography enthusiast and a foodie, she also enjoys exercising, doing outdoor activities and traveling the world.

Ricardo Chen

Chief Idea Officer (CIO)

Ricardo's entrepreneurial journey started at the age of 13 when he built a custom website for his first client and earned his first pay check back in 1998. Ricardo taught himself to code in HTML and edit images at that age and much more later on. Among his businesses are a design studio, one of the first in the country to offer 3D rendering services; EasySentry, an online surveillance system based on webcam technology with simultaneous live recordings monitored from any place with an Internet connection; Wassa, an online shop that sold unique products from China; co-founded Fun Booth Studio where he designed the equipment to take fun pictures at family and corporate events; and MapaMall, a free geo-localization service to users and retailers in Panama's major shopping malls. Ricardo designed and created the technology for all his companies. As the CIO of REDOXIGEN, Ricardo develops our app products. Ricardo’s creative self also manifests through carpentry, electronics, automotive mechanics, and paintball. 

Nelida Gomez

Chief Abstract Analysis Officer (CAAO)

Nelida is an integrating generalist, able to bring topics from different areas into knowledge convergence for decision-making. With a scientific formation in chemical ecology and then in innovation management, she has developed competences to analyze complexity.

She is an advocate of dynamic entrepreneurship and supports Millennials in their journey to new paradigms. As a consultant in innovation, she works with government and international agencies in Panama to contribute to build up capabilities in knowledge commercialization at the professional and institutional levels.

As Chief Abstract Analysis Officer, she looks for business development opportunities by looking at what is happening inside and outside, and raises non-commercial funding. She is curious about the universe and cultures, enjoys hiking, camping and dancing, speaks three languages, and has traveled in over 50 countries.

Orlando Reyes

Chief Connectivity Officer (CCO)

Orlando an innovator and tech visionary who believes in leadership based on principles and emotional intelligence. He has worked in large Panamanian companies that are leaders in their industry such as Supermercados Rey and Cable Onda. He has developed a number of innovations in marketing and consulting in loyalty programs. He is an advocate for the use of technology and innovation to maintain a competitive advantage over competitors.

As Chief Connectivity Officer, he envisions and crafts loyalty programs that connect customers and brands with each other. Attracting, retaining and empowering customers in the digital world has never been so easy for companies.